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released by FDA-Rekotz



Influenced by American and European thrash bands of the mid ’80s, which delivered the whole package — feeling, attitude, technical skills —, 2010-founded REACTORY are among the outstanding representatives of the new wave of Thrash Metal: they reintroduce original rawness and honesty to the Thrash scene of today.

To this day, REACTORY has played more than 200 shows and shared the stage or toured with bands like DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, High on Fire, Brujeria, Hobbs Angel of Death, Brutal Truth, Toxic Holocaust, Blind Guardian, Paradise Lost, Sacred Steel and many, many more.

Besides countless album reviews, REACTORY did several interviews with magazines and radio broadcasts like Metal Hammer Greece, Netherlands AartShock magazine, UK´s Powerplay Magazine, Metal Hammer Germany.

Bands flare up and sink down, but REACTORY’s fueled by a deeper heat — they are inspired by the flame of the true underground metal scene; they are determined to blast this flame around the globe.

Right now the band prepares their 3rd Album which will be recorded in September 2019.

Thrash them all!

Reactory are:

Hans H. Hornung (vox)

Jerry A. Düren (guitar)

Ulli Hoffmann  (bass)

Caue Dos Santos (drums)


copyright by REACTORY 2019